Our Sires

Pelotazo II (Remache, Yuca II, Sesamo, Großvater ist der legendäre Agente)

Black Beauty Black Beauty
vamos a la playa vamos a la playa


Pure Bred Spanish – P.R.E. – Andalusian stallion – 2004, 28/04 fully papered

I love jumping! I love jumping!
winter training winter training

Fire bay eyecatcher with long curly mane and a noble face. Pedigree: Yeguada Militar (black sire, bay dam) Will mature 1,60m Coolness and fire in one horse:
Athletic and strong, extraordinarily versatile and easy-moving (sportive), with quick reaction and lots of potential not only for high level dressage.and show!
Perfect body with excellent legs and a really powerful hindquarter – for Doma Vaquera, Garrocha, Corrida, terrain and more…
Bred in Spain, grown in Germany. Stallion prospect: Will pass “revision apto reproductor”. Very noble temperament,
High level training (side pass, travers, pirouette etc.) / alta escuela

Hispano-arab Stallion from 2004, June,13, fully papered)

"free work" "free work"
best friends best friends

Becomes very tall and white with platinum metallic lustre.
Expected to mature 1,70m.
Noble combination: Very athletic and elegant, with extremely strong body and legs – powerful Arabian motion and drive, tail carriage and look-at-me-attitude.
Lots of nobility, beauty, expression!
The shapely wither ensure good saddle placement, very strong breast, body, extremely strong hindquarter, beautifully arched neck, beautiful head (no dish)….

Pure Bred Arabian / Shagya – mothers of our foals – all full papered

Siglavy Bagdady Gesa (Sigl. Bagd., Kuhailan Zaid, Farag, Gazal VII, Ibn Galal)

ice race ice race
winter dance winter dance

Original hungarian endurance and dressage pedigree
fine head, arched neck, exquisite character and remarkable sportive movements.
Very calm and cool! For all sports and leisure, ideal familiy horse.
Gives all her donations to her foals! Mother of black Hispano foal Picador and Paraiso (see page sale horses).

Siglavy Bagdady Klementina (Sigl. Bagd., Mersuch, Dahoman, Hadban, Kemir II, Ibn Galal, Gazal VII, Shagya)

my best friend my best friend
strong blond beauty strong blond beauty

Gorgeous Pure Hungarian Shagya: golden chestnut stud with light mane, very cool, extremely tall with strong bones, and excellent movements – . Very showy eyecatcher with high sport potential and lots of nobility. A good temperament for sport and show. Scarce pedigree!

El Hanabi (Hadban, Mersuch, Gazal VII, Koheilan, El Sbaa, Dahoman)

refined face refined face
baby training baby training

Original hungarian endurance racer. Super noble with very fine head, arched neck, exquisite character and remarkable sportive movements. Noblesse par exelence….Gives all her donations to her foals! Mother of black Hispano foal Piafaro (see page sale horses). Will have foal from Pelotazo II.

Ka Shania (Elite: Amor, Kolina, Neron, Kohailan XXVI-9, Gazal II, Gazal VII, O´Bajan, Siglavy Bagd., Kuhailan Haifi, Shagya, El Sbaa…)

golden girls golden girls
mother protection mother protection

Bábolna-pedigree (father from incomparable Elite stallion: Amor). Golden juwel, extraordinary caracter – extremely intelligent and sensitive, easy to handle. Ability for dressage, Western, can be cool (American Jog) and firy (show) in one “package” – beauty, motion and trainability… Mother of Chispa de Oro. Gives her foals her noble character and athletic body, and a golden glow.

Ka Tasmara (Elite: Amor, Kolina, Neron, Siglavy Bagd., Kuhailan Haifi, Shagya, Gazal VI + VII, Koheilan X…)

eye to eye eye to eye
integration into the herd ? integration into the herd ?

Bábolna-pedigree (father Kamar from heartbreaker Elite stallion Amor who went to Piber to ennoble the Lipizan breed). White, tall, sportive, athletic. Donation for Jumping and Dressage, freedom dressage / circus. Our boss of the herd. Remarkable movements. she wins everybodys heart with her charismatic appearance. The noble character and her leadership position she gives to her foals, like her sportive talent and strong excellent legs and temperament.